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The Future of Jobs to be Done (Phase 1: Qualitative Research)

Looking for a way to level up your problem-solving and innovation game? My digital suite uses cutting-edge AI to accelerate research and decision-making in areas like R&D, Marketing, and Strategy. The AI prompts are not only time-savers but also offer customizability and precision, ideal for those aiming to stay ahead of the curve. With PJTBD, you're not just fast-tracking your work; you're investing in insights that could save you significant money. Check out my tools to transform your strategic approach.

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Why use AI to synthesize interview transcripts...

...when you can simply generate the end result - perfectly - without any interviews at all?

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1:1 JTBD Coaching

Have you been experiencing analysis paralysis during your Jobs-to-be-Done research? I get it. There are multiple schools of thought and that creates doubt and indecision. I mean, how do you combine these methods?

Don't fret because I'm here to help. I can provide you an array of affordable options to help you get back on course. Let me help you eliminate your innovation, strategy, and research questions so you KNOW what to do. Stop GUESSING. I've got your back!

JTBD Cheats You Can't Live Without

My JTBD Cheat Sheets have been used by thousands of practitioners over the years. Now they are all in one place, and they come with a special offer as well

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