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A Framework of Questions for Jobs-to-be-Done Interviews

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How to Automate Jobs-to-be-Done Interviews

Unlock the power of AI to decode the hidden needs of consumers and redefine industry landscapes by discovering the true "Job-to-be-Done." While there are people that try to teach you this, it's a very nuanced thing.

So, would you rather start from scratch staring at the wall? Or would you like a swift kick in the rear that moves you down the road to success quickly, and inexpensively?

JTBD Cheats You Can't Live Without

Unlock the full potential of your product development and market research with my comprehensive JTBD Cheat Sheets. If you're struggling to:

  1. Understand the underlying motives behind customer choices,
  2. Pinpoint exactly what drives customer satisfaction,
  3. Translate customer interviews into actionable business insights, or
  4. Streamline your interview process to save time and resources,

then my JTBD Cheat Sheets are the game-changer you need.

With my carefully curated guides, you’ll discover how to conduct impactful Jobs-to-be-Done interviews, asking the right questions to reveal the core tasks that customers want to accomplish. You'll learn how to interpret the data to ensure that every product decision is directly tied to real user needs.

My resources include the innovative Original JTBD Canvas, which gives you a visual tool to map out the Jobs-to-be-Done, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. Plus, we’ll show you how to automate these interviews, making this cutting-edge methodology a scalable part of your business practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager, a startup founder, or a market researcher, these cheat sheets will guide you towards delivering products that are not just wanted, but needed, creating that indispensable connection with your customers. Get your free cheat sheets today, and start creating products that don’t just sell, but truly serve.

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